Women's and Minority health

This page will focus on health issues concerning women and minorities. 

The Silent Fight

What does mental wellness look like in the Black community?t looks like plenty of “Girl, I’m fine,” “Bro, I’m gucci,” “Nah, I’m just a little tired. I’ll be okay," and the most telling, “I’m happy."


What happened to our agency?

For many black families, mental health is a myth. However, as black families continue to attach stigmas to mental health and self-care, we strip away our black children’s agency.

 Copyright © 2013 Asian Women For Health

Copyright © 2013 Asian Women For Health

Interview with asian women for health

Asian Women for Health hopes to inspire Asian women to be engaged in health within their own community. To accomplish this goal, it focuses on education through classes, seminars, and community programs, focusing mainly on breast cancer which has abnormally high rates in the Asian American community.


Putting the Cape Down

How the Superwoman Complex Can Be Detrimental

Many Black women hold onto the superwoman complex because they have watched their matriarchs silently take on the role in their families as they are required to be everything in order to survive.


Moving Beyond the Culture of Competence in Medical Education

Physicians interact with people in some of the most vulnerable moments of their lives. As one might imagine, communication is central to the physician’s ability to most effectively serve a patient’s needs.