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It was at this moment that I realized how much her life was both constrained and made meaningful through her role as a mother. Ana had come to the United States from Brazil because she was pregnant and her baby’s father was in the United States.  She chose to immigrate to the United States to unite with her lover and pursue a new family.


San Diego’s Most Vulnerable Population Suffering From a Public Health Disaster

Imagine trudging through a busy city, pushing all of your belongings in a metal cart day after day, eventually being pushed out to the outskirts of highways and city parks.


Transforming the American Diet – Necessity and Challenges

It is common knowledge that obesity and poor diet are rising trends in the United States, and are leading to increased disease and higher health care costs.  


When the Blind Lead the Blind: The Consequences of Physician Desensitization by Pharmaceutical Marketing

The physician is a rather complicated figure. On the one hand, the doctor is society’s epitome of respectability and expertise, with every fiber of their white lab coat seeming to shine forth light, purity, hope, and a staunch devotion to the Hippocratic Oath.


Forgetting to Remember: America’s Eldercare Crisis

With prices for lodging in retirement homes escalating to thousands of dollars a month and medical expenses arcing even higher, the average American family can’t hope to meet these costs for very long.


Nuts and Bolts of a New Healthcare System

This article considers some of the provisions of the current ACA that make the biggest impact for Americans’ health care, especially for populations historically underserved by the health care system.