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This category will cover heath topics that affects communities and populations outside the United States

AFP via Getty Images

AFP via Getty Images

Analyzing the Determinants of Female Genital Mutilation in Somalia

I remember when I first read about female genital mutilation in a textbook in my Human Sexuality course in college, and I was surprised that the book mentioned that rates of FGM are particularly high in Somalia. I decided to look further into the effect that FGM has on female public health in Somalia, where 98% of women have reportedly undergone the practice.


A Medical Perspective on the Syrian Refugee Crisis

My first exposure to the “refugee crisis” was in the summer of 2013, just before my senior year of high school. I was in Istanbul visiting family and the Turkish nightly news was consumed with reports of increasing numbers fleeing the seemingly endless violence in Syria


Opiates for All, Opiates for None

Imagine having a tumor so large on your leg that you can no longer walk without excruciating pain. It has caused you to lose your job as a farmer, the only source of livelihood where you live. You have exhausted your meager savings to afford costly chemotherapy and without it, your doctor, whose clinic is 250 miles away, grimly informs you that you will die.

“Mame Rie Emion”—Mother of Mine, At Risk

Maternal mortality is not an unfathomable concept. It is not only the result of a woman who happens to undergo an unfortunate accident while in the late stages of her pregnancy. It is not only the result of physician neglect. We cannot continue to maintain a Western-centric perspective and classify maternal mortality as solely as only a rare incident